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Crossley Guitars - Makers of fine Custom Made Guitars

 Honduras Mahogany    

 Honduras Mahogany:  Warm tones, medium density, and beautiful golden colours with defined grain. Used for guitar bodies. Crossley guitars have a limited supply of this timber, as it is getting increasingly hard to source.
 Crossley Guitars Honduras Mahogony
Crossley Guitars Book Matched Birds Eye Maple

Birds Eye Maple

Birds Eye Maple: Hard Rock Maple with multiple birds’ eye features, Pale straw colour in natural, takes colours exceedingly well. Bright tone, Used for guitar tops.

 Tasmanian Myrtle     

Tasmanian Myrtle:  Similar tonal characteristics to Maple, often striped or quilted, pale red colour in natural, takes further red colouring beautifully. Bright tone. Used for guitar tops

 Crossley Guitars Tasmanian Myrtle
Crossley Guitars Striped Ebony Fret Board

Striped Ebony (Fret Board) Maccassar

Ebony:  Exceedingly hard timber typically striped from black to reddish straw, and every combination in between. Traditionally used for violin and guitar fretboards for centuries. Many experienced player prefer the “feel” of Ebony fingerboards. Very bright tone.

 Brazilian Walnut     

Brazilian Walnut:  Medium density timber with nice grain patterns, colour ranges from dark brown to pale brown, following the grain. Used in Brazil for manufacture of musical instruments. Warm tone. Used for guitar tops

 Crossley Guitars Brazilian Walnut
Crossley Guitars African Rosewood

African Rosewood

African Rosewood: Cinnamon to red colouring, medium density, nice grain patterns, used for centuries in Africa for the construction of percussion instruments, a very tonal timber, typically warm with good mid ranges. Used for bodies

 Northern Box
(Lignum Vitae Characteristics)

Northern Box: Malaysian timber with similar characteristics to Lignum Vitae (Tree of Life).  Very hard timber, straight grained, straw to pale red colouring. Used for fretboards. Bright tone.

 Crossley Guitars Northern Box
Crossley Guitars Maple

Hard Rock Maple

Hard Rock Maple:  The classic guitar timber, hard density, pale straw colouring, can be straight grained (neck use) or highly figured with birds eyes, quilting, stripes or a combination of the above. Takes colouring exceedingly well. Bright to very bright tone. Used for necks, fretboards and guitar tops.  This timber can be hard to source, as the large American companies tend to dictate the supply. Crossley guitars have a limited supply of beautifully figured maple and are continuing to locate new sources.


Red Cedar

Australian timber with beautiful figure, Quite a tonal timber, used as tops on some acoustic guitars. Takes a sunburst finish superbly. Difficult to carve as the grain on the figure goes in all directions

But well worth the effort

 Quilted Maple

displays stunning figure, takes stains vey well, Bright tones. Highly sought after timber, Crossley Guitars continually sources the very best quilted maple where possible.

English Sycamore

English Sycamore:  Crossley guitars have  a limited supply of this timber specifically for guitar tops and fretboards. It is of the same family as Maple
(Acer) and exhibits beautiful figuring, quilting and striping. It has been used in Europe for many years as a premium tone timber.

Crossley Guitars will continue to experiment with new types of timber, looking specifically for tone and of course beauty and figure.

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